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Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier

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Features and Benefits

Easy-Grab supports your body, your belongings and your children from 0 to 3 years old.

So, gear up and carry your little ones effortlessly with baby carriers that are beautiful, comfortable and offer more storage, freeing you up to do more.

Recommended by pediatricians, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, pelvic floor therapists and spine surgeons.

Details and specifications

Suitable for newborns up to 36 months and up to 45 lbs (can also be used to support breastfeeding)

Fits waist 23"-44"

Four carrying positions

Features 5 storage pockets

Retractable bottle holder

Provides back and lumbar support

Reduces tension in the back, arms and wrists

Stain resistant and machine washable

Fabric: 300D Premium Polyster

Weight: 850g / 1.89 lbs

Belt: Length of 119.4 cm x Height of 15.2 cm.

Seat: 6" Length x 7.5" Width (at base/widest part).

Weighs less than 0.45 kg

One year warranty

Delivery and returns

If you are in France, you benefit from express delivery in 5-7 working days.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for anyone unsatisfied for any reason. To obtain your refund, please contact our support team via the contact page.

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Recommended by healthcare professionals
Safety certified
Suitable for parents and grandparents
Gentle machine wash
Ergonomic design
French brand

Explore a new way to carry your baby:

Ditch fussy baby carriers and complicated straps. Easy-Grab revolutionizes carrying by combining versatility, practicality and lightness for an exceptional carrying experience.

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Wear with Efficiency:

Discover an efficient way to carry your baby, providing uninterrupted cuddle time while completing your daily tasks. With this approach, combine proximity with your child while carrying out your activities, thus creating a harmonious and tender experience.

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Frequent carrying, without Constraint, without complex adjustments or knots!

Start the experiment

Practical demonstration of the EasyGrab!

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier




Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier




Install and remove the Easy-Grab with ease

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier



Carry your baby with complete ease, wherever you go.

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier

Kamidor - The revolutionary baby carrier



How can the simple act of holding your baby transform your life and theirs?

  • 1. The physical contact of carrying releases oxytocin and promotes milk production. Additionally, it can help in the fight against postpartum depression and anxiety.

  • 2. Babywearing helps your baby learn and promotes physical and emotional development.

  • 3. Carried babies cry less, sleep more and manage their distress better than their peers.

  • 4. Carrying reduces the risk of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly (“flat head” syndrome) by minimizing pressure on the skull, thereby reducing the risk of deformity.

  • 5. Carrying also contributes to the proper regulation of vital functions and temperature thanks in particular to skin-to-skin contact.

  • 6. Proper carrying promotes the healthy development of the baby's hips by positioning their legs in 'Position M', ensuring optimal health for their hips.

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To summarize Easy-Grab:



Is an innovative and practical carrying solution to relieve the back while providing comfortable support to the baby. Easy and effective, this solution distributes weight in a balanced manner to prevent unnecessary tension.
Easy-Grab also gives you the ability to easily switch from holding your baby to letting them down so they can run around freely. Unlike other baby carriers that strap your child in, a baby carrier with a hip seat is perfect for toddlers who constantly want to be picked up and down to walk or crawl freely.
Wrapping your baby while carrying them with EasyGrab has benefits backed by scientific studies. This choice promotes maintaining physical proximity which is crucial for your child's emotional security, particularly in a sometimes hostile world. Your arms remain his refuge.
Observation in orphanages highlights the negative impact of insufficient physical proximity on children's security and self-esteem.
Carrying your baby with the EasyGrab transforms carrying into an easy and painless experience for the back and shoulders.
Have you ever used a classic baby carrier at home?
Probably not. because they are often neglected due to their complex installation, sometimes requiring considerable time, and because they tend to imprison the baby, preventing him from moving freely.
Wear EasyGrab for an unparalleled experience, with the ability to improvise baby climbs and descents at home or away, providing comfort, flexibility and style.
EasyGrab's unique design promotes a special connection with your baby through one arm, reinforcing physical closeness crucial for their emotional well-being. Opt for EasyGrab and harmonize comfort, flexibility and emotional connection.
The EasyGrab comes with several convenient features to make your carrying experience easier. It is light and comfortable, with an adjustable belt that fits all sizes. The padded seat provides ergonomic support for baby, while built-in pockets allow you to store small essentials such as bottles, diapers and phones.
Many parents prefer a baby carrier that offers full support, from slings to structured models. These baby carriers are perfect for staying close to your baby without constantly using your hands. They can also soothe a baby who is cranky, growing, or just likes to be held.
However, as your baby grows, upgrade to an EasyGrab. They provide more independence, take pressure off the back, and work well with toddlers who like to be held...and rested...and held again.
Most pediatricians recommend an "M" sitting position for the hips of babies in a hip carrier. The knees should be higher than the butt when facing forward and sideways. The hips and legs should move freely for optimal health, avoiding sitting straight or together for long periods of time. Adjust regularly to maintain this beneficial “M” position.
EasyGrab is ideal for breastfeeding support, making it the perfect baby carrier for any age. But because an EasyGrab isn't completely hands-free, it's important to remember that even though you can carry your baby comfortably and close to your body, you'll still need to hold them securely with your arms for optimal support. But once your baby is around 4 months old and has control of his neck and head, you can use the baby hip carrier in different ways. So cuddle your baby on an EasyGrab as much as you want; just keep it secure with one arm so you can carry it safely on your hip.
It is important to always use EasyGrab in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and to maintain constant vigilance over your baby while carrying.
Every baby is different and will develop at their own pace within standard guidelines. But as soon as your baby can hold his head up, usually around 4 to 6 months, he can be sitting up and looking at the world! Even more exciting, with the EasyGrab, he will also have the option to continue to sit facing each other, or he can be carried on his side, straddling your body so he can snuggle and hold on while enjoying all the exciting views that surround it.
Kamidorbaby offers four carrying positions: forward facing, face to face, side carry and breastfeeding position. It can be used from birth to 36 months and supports children up to 45 pounds (approximately 20.41 kg).
Absolutely ! Sitting while carrying your baby is completely acceptable, as long as your baby's legs and feet don't accidentally touch any surfaces. Most parents and caregivers perfect the art of sitting up while holding their baby, and you will too. Remember that with an EasyGrab you will need to hold your baby secure with one arm, so it's not completely hands-free. However, you will still be able to carry your baby more comfortably and with less hassle than with traditional baby carriers. EasyGrab doubles as a stylish and practical fanny pack, with enough pockets to store your belongings without being weighed down by extra bags.
The EasyGrab is a modern, elegant and comfortable solution. Approved by doctors, it offers optimal support for the baby's back with a wide base promoting a healthy position. For parents, it relieves pressure on the back and shoulders, allowing for extended wear. Lightweight and easy to maintain, it is the ideal solution.
If you have a medical condition or are unsure whether EasyGrab is the right product for you, we recommend that you consult your physician before purchasing or using it.
Using EasyGrab is simple. Simply slip it around your waist and secure it with the secure ties. Then place your baby on the padded seat, making sure their legs are well positioned. Once your baby is secure, you can adjust the belt for the optimal, comfortable fit.