Our history


The Essence of Kamidor: Legacy of Excellence

Good morning,
We are Émilie ❤️ and Julien 💪, the hearts and minds behind Kamidor. Our adventure began with my pregnancy 🤰. Faced with the daily challenges that this entailed, I felt the need for a solution to carry my child with greater ease and comfort.

Julien, always at my side, was a driving force 🚀 in bringing this idea to fruition. Together, we developed Kamidor 🎒, a baby carrier that embodies our passion for quality and our love for Parisian elegance 🗼.

Kamidor was born from our own experience as parents 👪, seeking to simplify the lives of families while bringing a touch of French chic 🇫🇷. Our objective ? Offering parents a way to carry their children that is simple, comfortable and elegant.

With Kamidor, we hope to bring a little more serenity to your daily life ☀️, by supporting your back and arms so you can carry your children without pain.

With affection,
Émilie & Julien 💌