Choose Comfort: Say Goodbye to Carrying Pain!

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Versatility and Proximity at Every Moment

Easily move from a hip position, back to chest, and facing the world without having to put your baby down

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Take your baby in your arms and carry him with total comfort.

Babies love to be held and discover the world from new perspectives. However, the weight can quickly become heavy. The soft, ergonomic seat and belt are designed to evenly distribute your baby's weight, supporting their hips and bottom while taking pressure off your arms, shoulders and back.

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Easy to use: transport and drop off your little one quickly!

Once children start walking, they constantly want to be 'up', 'down', then 'up' again. While traditional baby carriers strap them in to keep them close, EasyGrab makes it easy to pick them up when they want to be held and put them down when they want to explore.

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Recommended by doctors, approved by parents and grandparents.

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Clever pockets for effortless organization

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Is an innovative and practical carrying solution to relieve the back while providing comfortable support to the baby. Easy and effective, this solution distributes weight in a balanced manner to prevent unnecessary tension.
Easy-Grab also gives you the ability to easily switch from holding your baby to letting them down so they can run around freely. Unlike other baby carriers that strap your child in, a baby carrier with a hip seat is perfect for toddlers who constantly want to be picked up and down to walk or crawl freely.
Yes, EasyGrabs are safe and approved by healthcare professionals. Recommended by pediatricians, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, pelvic floor therapists and spinal surgeons, they ensure proper position of the baby's hips. Ergonomically designed for adults, these baby carriers distribute the child's weight, reducing strain on the lower back, neck, arms and shoulders. Detailed safety instructions are provided for correct use, providing optimal support for newborns and older children, while safeguarding adult health.
EasyGrabs can be used from birth until approximately 3 years of age. They function as a practical support for breastfeeding or bottle feeding newborns. When your baby can support his head, usually between 4 and 6 months, you can place him in an upright position on the EasyGrab, while maintaining support with one hand. This carrier can comfortably support your child (and take the strain off your arms and back) until they reach around 45 pounds, usually around age 3.
EasyGrabs are intelligent and sustainable investments, suitable from 0 to 3 years. They combine functionality, style and practicality, offering optimal back support and exceptional versatility with five pockets and four carrying positions. Thanks to their light weight and sleek design, they have gained popularity, especially in the United States.