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Smooth trip: 360 Memory Travel Cushion

Smooth trip: 360 Memory Travel Cushion

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Stress-free travel

‣ Prevents neck pain, stress and aches.
‣ Provides perfect support for the neck, head and chin.
‣ Maintains your posture straight.
‣ No more jet lag.
‣ Always arrive relaxed and rested at your destination.
‣ Puts you to sleep much faster.
‣ This travel pillow keeps you asleep longer.
‣ Prevents you from slumping on your neighbor.
‣ Super compact and easy to carry.
‣ Soft, comfortable and pleasant.

What makes it special?

‣ The only travel pillow that completely supports your head AND neck for maximum comfort (over 80,000 satisfied customers).

‣ Patented Neck-Log technology adapts to all neck, jaw and shoulder shapes.

‣ No pain, tension or aches in the neck. Wake up refreshed after a long flight and reduce jet lag.

‣ This Kamidor pillow relieves pressure on your spine and muscles, keeping you relaxed and comfortable for long journeys.

‣ Comfortable shoulder support fits snugly while your head rests in a more natural position. You sleep deeper, longer, without your head drooping.

‣ Super lightweight and easy to carry, pack or hang on your bag strap.

‣ Scientifically proven to be better than traditional U-shaped pillows.

Details and specifications

Pillow height: 10.1-15 cm
Filling: memory foam
Pillow fabric: chemical fiber
Minor filling component: cotton

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Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Travel

🙌 Straight Posture and Comfort guaranteed thanks to its patented design, say goodbye to neck pain and stiffness!

💤 Optimal Support for the Head and Chin for uncompromising rest .

😴 Fast and deep sleep guaranteed with its high quality memory foam. Sweet dreams await!

🌍 Compact and Easy to Carry , it fits everywhere with you, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

Premium Materials for unparalleled comfort and support. The luxury of travel awaits you!

First-class comfort for every journey

Its patented design keeps your posture straight, eliminating neck pain, tension and stress. Lightweight and compact, it puts you to sleep quickly and ensures peaceful sleep throughout the flight, making long journeys shorter and recovery from jet lag faster. Don't let discomfort ruin your trip, get your Kamidor pillow today!

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Wrap, Secure and Relax

Unpack it and let the memory foam return to its original shape. Position it around your neck until your head and chin are perfectly supported. The pillow will lull you and keep you in a deep sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and pain-free at your destination. As simple as that!

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Made with the highest quality memory foam

It offers unparalleled comfort and support. Designed with the same material as the most luxurious mattresses, it contours to your neck and head for the optimal travel experience. Discover the extraordinary benefits of memory foam today and improve your comfort on the go.

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