How long does it take to ship?

It may take 1 to 2 business days to process your order and then 5 to 7 days for delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we deliver to most European Union countries.

Do you have free delivery?

Shipping is free for our product.

The Kamidorbaby product

Is there an age or weight limit for Kamidorbaby?

Kamidorbaby is suitable for children up to 3 years old or 20 kg.

What is the length of the belt?

The belt measures 117 cm, but taking into account the overlap for the Velcro closure, it is recommended for a waist size of 109 cm or less.

What is the difference between Kamidorbaby and cheaper hip seats on Amazon?

Kamidorbaby, highlights superior quality and rigorous safety tests.

Is there Velcro on the waistband?

Yes, there is Velcro to secure the belt.

What is a hip seat?

A hip seat is a simple support that straps around the waist to help carry the child comfortably.

Is it machine washable?

Yes, after removing the plastic insert.

Is the product used hands-free?

No, Kamidorbaby is designed to assist carrying but not to be hands-free.

Do you create designs suitable for twins?

Parents of twins often buy two Kamidor baby carriers.

What are the different carrying positions and age groups?

Kamidorbaby offers four carrying positions, from birth to 36 months.

Safety Kamidorbaby

Is Kamidorbaby suitable for me?

Kamidorbaby is suitable if you are looking for an ergonomic carrying solution.

Are the materials safe for babies?

The materials used are safe for babies.

Is Kamidorbaby recommended by doctors?

It has been approved by doctors after rigorous safety testing.

  • Dr. Andrew L. Nash, MD (Pediatrician)
    "I can't tell you how many adult back injuries I've seen that started with 'So, I was carrying my baby and...' KamidorBaby is the perfect product to reduce muscle tension on the spine while when holding young children. Its ergonomic design eliminates the harmful position parents resort to when carrying their children - the one where they push their hips out and curve their spine. If you want to avoid stopping by my office, I highly recommend KamidorBaby."
  • Dr. Nicholas Cruze, DC (Chiropractor)
    "KamidorBaby saved my back and wrist while I multitask with my baby on my hip. I highly recommend it to all of my patients to help them balance their bodies while carrying their little ones."
  • Dr. Kseniya Gershberg, DC (Chiropractor)
    "I have been a general pediatrician for over 20 years and I often have parents, colleagues or friends who show me new products for babies and children. Often, I appreciate these products. However, when I saw KamidorBaby at the On the show Shark Tank, I contacted the company because I needed to see for myself if it was really as good as advertised. Surprisingly, it was even BETTER. It's rare to see a product that makes life daily life so much easier for parents, while being comfortable for the baby and above all safe. Parents of babies have a lot to do, and literally a lot to carry. KamidorBaby is a game changer. I am convinced that KamidorBaby will change the way whose new parents carry their babies and will become the new standard for baby carriers."

Is there a user manual for this?

A manual is provided with detailed instructions.

Is there an instructional video?

Instructional videos are available to assist in use.

Is Kamidorbaby safety certified?

It has recognized security certifications.